Governing Body

Abigail Adams Tutor in Economics; Associate Professor in Economics 2016
Steven Balbus Professorial Fellow; Savilian Professor of Astronomy 2012
René Bañares-Alcántara Tutor in Engineering; Reader in Engineering Science 2003
Jonathan Black Professorial Fellow; Tutor for Welfare; IT Fellow; Director of the University Careers Service 2008
Susan Bright Harvey McGregor Fellow; Tang Lecturer and Tutor in Law; Professor of Land Law 2004
Michael Burden Tutor in Music; Dean; Pictures & Chattels Fellow; Professor of Opera Studies 1995
Grant Churchill Tutor in Medicine; University Lecturer in Chemical Pharmacology 2008
Emma Claussen Career Development Fellow in French 2016
Joseph Conlon Tutor in Physics; Professor of Theoretical Physics 2012
Andrew Counter Tutor in French; Associate Professor of French 2015
Mark Curtis Director of Development 2011
Stephen Dimelow Career Development Fellow in Law 2016
Marcus du Sautoy, OBE Professorial Fellow; Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science; Professor of Mathematics 2008
Robert Easton Professorial Fellow; Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development and External Affairs (Wellington Square) 2017
Paolo Fait Anthony Quinton Fellow; Tutor in Classical Philosophy 2012
Victor Flynn Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics 2005
Elizabeth Frazer Fellow in Politics; University Lecturer in Politics 1990
David Gavaghan Supernumerary Fellow; Professor in Computational Biology 2002
Ashleigh Griffin Tutor in Biological Sciences; Professor of Evolutionary Biology 2011
Mark Griffith Richard Ellmann Fellow; Tutor in English; Senior Tutor 1995
Volker Halbach Tutor in Philosophy; Professor of Philosophy 2004
Dieter Helm, CBE Tutor in Economics; Professor of Economic Policy 1990
Miles Hewstone Tutor in Psychology; Professor of Social Psychology 2001
Masud Husain Professorial Fellow; Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow; Professor of Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience 2012
Catriona Kelly Tutor in Russian; Professor of Russian 1996
Dori Kimel Senior Law Tutor; Reader in Legal Philosophy 2001
Karen Leeder Tutor in German, Sub-Warden; Professor of Modern German Literature 1993
Jane Lightfoot Charlton Fellow and Tutor in Classics; Professor of Greek Literature 2003
David Limebeer Professorial Fellow; Professor of Control Engineering 2009
Erica Longfellow Chaplain and Dean of Divinity 2011
Laura Marcus Professorial Fellow; Goldsmiths’ Professor of English Literature 2010
Richard Mash Tutor in Economics 2001
John McGrady Tutor in Chemistry; Professor in Computational Inorganic Chemistry 2009
Andrew Meadows Tutor in Ancient History, Professor of Ancient History 2014
Alexander Morrison Tutorial Fellow in History 2017
Stephen Mulhall Tutor in Philosophy; Professor of Philosophy 1998
David Palfreyman Bursar 1988
David Parrott Penry Williams Fellow, Tutor in History, Precentor; CUF Lecturer in History 1992
William Poole John Galsworthy Fellow and Tutor in English; Fellow Librarian 2004
Oliver Pybus Professorial Fellow; Professor of Evolution and Infectious Diseases 2005
Robert Quinney Tutor in Music, Organist 2014
George Ratcliffe Tutor in Biochemistry; Professor of Plant Sciences; Tutor for Graduates and Graduate Admissions 1984
Mari Sako Professorial Fellow; Professor of Management Studies 2007
Adrianne Slyz Tutor in Physics; University Lecturer in Physics 2006
Giles Spackman Group Finance Director, Oxford University Press 2014
Mark Stokes Tutor in Psychology; Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience 2015
Hannah Sullivan Tutor in English; CUF Lecturer in English 2012
Rosalind Temple Supernumerary Fellow; University Lecturer in French Linguistics 2007
Caroline Thomas Home Bursar 1997
Christiane Timmel Tutor in Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry 2005
Andrea Vedaldi Tutor in Engineering; University Lecturer in Engineering 2011
Tony Venables, CBE Professorial Fellow; BP Professor of Economics; Director of Oxcarre 2007
Andrew Wathen Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Computational Mathematics 1995
Richard Whittington Millman Tutorial Fellow in Business Studies, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions; Professor of Strategic Management 1996
Martin Williams David Clarke Fellow; Tutor in Engineering; Professor of Engineering Science 1989
Timothy Williamson Professorial Fellow; Wykeham Professor of Logic 2000
Andrei Zorin Professorial Fellow; Professor of Russian 2004