New College Notes Articles

Article Title Author surname Author firstname Article Category
Daniel Vivian's Grand Tour, 1636-37 (New College, MS 348) Poole William PDF icon 8NCN1 (2017) Poole on Vivian.pdf Library Manuscript, MS348
Classifications in time: the rise of the shelfmark on the failure of provenance Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN2 (2017) Morgan on Classifications.pdf Library, Antiquarian cataloguing
Agincourt Sermon Tyerman Christopher PDF icon 8NCN3 (2017) Tyerman on Agincourt.pdf New College, 15thC history, Henry Chichele, Nicholas Upton, Richard Hankford
"This Dooth Erasmus Williams Represent", Richard Haydock, 1608 Poole William PDF icon 8NCN6 (2017) Poole on Erasmus Williams.pdf New College, 17thC history, Erasmus Williams, Richard Haydock
A visual 'note': New College from an unusual angle Young Miles PDF icon 8NCN5 (2017) Young on A visual note.pdf New College, 19thC painting, George Hollis
Dennis Potter: An Unconventional Dramatist Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN7 (2017) Morgan on Potter.pdf New College, 20th century, Dennis Potter
Robert Sharrock and the "History of the Propagation & Improvement of Vegetables" Svensson Anna PDF icon 8NCN9 (2017) Svensson on Sharrock.pdf Library Antiquarian, BT3.264.25(1), BT3.177.28
Lifting the veil of time: the servants of New College restored Morgan Jason PDF icon 8NCN10 (2017) Morgan on Lifting the veil.pdf Archives, NCA DB, NCA BCF
The Receipt of Manuscripts in New College Library 1624-1852 Poole William PDF icon 8NCN11 (2017) Poole on Receipt of Manuscripts.pdf Library, Manuscript acquisitions, 1624-1852
Bells and books: not what you might expect in Oxford's dreaming spires Bond Helen PDF icon 8NCN4 (2017) Bond on Bells.pdf Oxford towers, bells and book storage
William Archibald Spooner and his Spoonerisms Anderson-Talbi Sami PDF icon 8NCN8 (2017) Anderson-Talbi on Spooner.pdf New College, 19th/20thC history, William Spooner