Joseph Conlon

Tutor in Physics; Professor of Theoretical Physics
BSc R'dg, MA PhD Camb

Joseph Conlon

I grew up in Reading and following an early mathematics degree there (1999), I went to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences at Christ's College, where I obtained a BA (2003) and PhD (2006) in Theoretical Physics. Remaining in Cambridge, I was a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College from 2005 to 2008, before moving to Oxford on a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. Prior to joining New College in January 2012, I held a Junior Research Fellowship at Balliol College (2009 to 2011).


Currently I teach the 1st years Calculus and Special Relativity, the 2nd years Quantum Mechanics, and the 3rd years Symmetry and Relativity, and Subatomic Physics.


Broadly, I am a Theoretical Particle Physicist. More specifically, I work on String Phenomenology. This aims at connecting an esoteric theory of the extremely small (String Theory) with the physics of the merely very small (the Standard Model and its various extensions). String Theory is a promising candidate theory of Quantum Gravity with a rich physical and mathematical structure. The Standard Model is an outstanding fit to experimental data, but its internal structure and problems indicate a deeper underlying theory. The main thrust of my research is to use the tools and techniques of the former to try and address the open problems of the latter.

Selected publications

  • Anomaly Mediation in Superstring Theory, J. P. Conlon, M. Goodsell and E. Palti, Fortsch. Phys. 59:5 (2011)
  • SUSY Breaking in Local String/F-Theory Models, R. Blumenhagen, J. P. Conlon, S. Krippendorf, S. Moster and F. Quevedo, JHEP 0909:007 (2009)
  • Mirror Mediation, J. P. Conlon, JHEP 0803:025 (2008)
  • Systematics of Moduli Stabilisation in Calabi-Yau Flux Compactifications, V. Balasubramanian, P. Berglund, J. P. Conlon and F. Quevedo, JHEP 0505:007 (2005)