Financial Times article on gender pay gaps (9th April, 2018)

An article in the Financial Times has highlighted New College’s gender pay gap. Our full gender pay gap report is posted on this website and is something which the College takes very seriously.

It is, however, worth highlighting the following sentences from the report:

“The main reason for our gender pay gap is the difference in roles in which men and women are employed across our organisation. Once we account for differences in the department that male and female employees are employed in (e.g. domestic, maintenance, kitchen), our mean gender wage gap falls to 5%. Specifically, a very large proportion of women (28%) in College are employed in the Domestic department as scouts (17.6% of the College's workforce), which has the lowest hourly pay rate.”

It is also worth pointing out there is no gap within the Fellowship.

However, we are carefully analysing our statistics and policies in order to see where we can improve.

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