Changing career doesn't mean giving the new job a hard sell, Interview with Miles Young, Warden of New College

Changing career doesn't mean giving the new job a hard sell

The Times, 19/01/2017, p.45, Nick Szczepanik

Interview with Miles Young, who stepped down as worldwide chairman and chief executive of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather to become Warden of New College in October. Mr Young, who was appointed to the role in October, is keen to bridge the gap between industry and academia when it comes to the perennial debate over skills shortages. He says: ‘In business I encouraged people to listen first, talk second, so that’s what I’m doing. But some things I feel passionate about. One is the zero-sum game that people try to create between the humanities and the sciences, that it’s one or the other. Disciplines work best when they are combined. In my business, we used psychology, sociology, art and science, Mad Men and data men. We need people with skills in logic, analysis and knowhow to make connections and you can get them from any subject, in my humble view. There is a perception that we are not for some people and that has to be changed. Communications skills can help as we promote ourselves as accessible. New College is open to anyone. We are very diverse, but we must do better with state schools.’

New College Warden by John Cairns